About Us

Hello and welcome to our fantastical world! Where all the superheroes are boys and girls. Where positivity, happiness and confidence bloom.Where super-duper powers banish all gloom. Created by psychologists (it took them many a year!), To admire our awards have a look here.Creative, educational and safe for everyone. Karisma Kidz. For super empowering fun.

Karisma Kidz is an interactive brand, based on more than 20 years of research, that teaches children aged 3-9 to be happier and provides feedback to the whole family. Our mission is to strengthen parent child bonds to create a world in which children are empowered, well behaved and grow with happiness, confidence and creativity while parents engage with their little superheroes in a virtual world that links seamlessly with positive activities, toys and rewards in the real world. Meet the big superheroes behind Karisma Kidz here and download the Karisma Kids Moodville app so your little superhero can start learning through play.