Parents and teachers of Karisma Kidz are superheroes, too.
With extra special grown-up super powers just for you.
The Parents Dashboard  shows a superhero’s mood.
And parents have Karisma Charms to reward kids when they’re good.
There are useful tips aplenty, free books and online chat.
Even a psychologist to help with this and that.
For teachers there are lesson plans, activities and more.
And as rewards for pupils there are ‘Wow Stars!’ galore
So welcome to a community that wants the best for you.
Because super happy children make happy grown-ups too.

When a kid becomes a Karisma Kidz Superhero it doesn’t just make them feel super it benefits the whole family and community, too. Its estimated that up to 70% of what a child learns is through modelling those around him during the formative years and we believe it takes a positive community to raise a child.
So we’ve teamed up with top professionals like Dr. Amanda Gummer, whos a leading child psychologist, and Sue Atkins, ITVs parenting guru, to make sure parents and teachers get all the support they need.

So join the community and start enjoying the positive rewards.